Come hide away but stay seen.

Connect all the dots that make you who you want to be

At Jablonecek, we are connecting cultures, styles andnature with humans into a truly symbiotic place whereone element respects another and even strives next to it.We brought amazing designsfrom the most talented architects that underline thisamazing landscape. Here architecture and the landscapewill be working as one.
Serge Borenstein

Be a witness to ongoing purity and progress.

When we came to this remarkable part of the country for the first time,

we were struck by two natural elements merging into one-the beauty of undisturbed nature cohabiting smoothly with a respectful new generation of humans. We couldn’t hope to find amore inspiring eco-system.
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After discovering this extraordinary part of the country,

we began with world-class ambitions for the development of a unique resort with living, hospitality, and well-being facilities.
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Be a witness to ongoing purity and progress.

Both the manmade and the natural marvels will be working in synergy.  All the facilities will reflect the unexplored, majestic natural environment and ensure it will stay.
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Our Intentions

By studying the different layers of the landscape,
identifying its exceptional qualities and quirks, we got a real
sense of what the site represents. The design of our
development incorporates these distinct qualities and
creates a whole new entity with a distinctively unique
identity, resonating with the land, its history and its genius


Our restaurant will feed all your senses to ensure an unforgettable gastronomic,
as well as visual experience. The spa will impress without compromising its
ambitions to be a world - class wellness facility.


Instead of creating an impersonal megastructure, we chose a more sensitive, boutique approach. Every part of the development is tailored to highlight the remarkability of the setting. In architecture speak, we see the project as a composition of entities mutually avoiding compromises. In human speak, we see a place that feels like home.


A significant part of our unique development will also serve local communities. While the project will be exclusive, those who are passing by or just cycling through
Jabloneček will still enjoy their scenic routes and will now also have new opportunities to enjoy their time in a beautiful setting, meditate or refresh themselves.

Enjoy the inspiration nature brings, without the burden of crowds.


The united
organic system

Jabloneček will be a modern, efficient, sustainable development with design focused on creating a system of places respecting the space and energy of the natural surroundings. Hotel, spa, restaurant and chalets will all
have their own space in the development, but the design and architectural styles will undoubtfully unite them into one organic system, all underlined by nature.

The military kept this this location from the public eye until the 1990’s.

The project began with the idea of bringing multi-functional objects into open landscape, letting nature prevail with its energy and scale. No component of our development will be lost, but the whole complex will be gently situated in the undisturbed environment so that the views and the sights are unobstructed, almost as if you weren’t even here.

The military kept this this location from the public eye until the 1990’s.

Jabloneček will strive toward a set of values that will help not only to differentiate it in the marketplace, drive regular customer visits and boost sales/price point, but also make a positive contribution to the region.

The military kept this this location from the public eye until the 1990’s.

Nestled in the lush green hills


Strategically located within one hour by car from Prague, the Czech Republic’s charming capital, and two hours from Ústí nad Labem. Yes, city life has its perks. Now imagine if you could keep most of those but leave the annoyances aside.Picture your world without traffic, noise and pollution, without the endless crowds of humanity; without all those artificial parks and so-called urban relaxation areas. Here, surrounded by the sheer splendor of undeveloped countryside, you might be fooled into thinking you are in the middle of nowhere, far from all the urban amenities you are used to. Yet, the exact opposite is true.

Schools, banks, offices, restaurants, retail and even historic and cultural sights are all within reach, should you need those.But something tells us you will forget all about them because something much more appealing is right around the corner–two protected national parks (Kokořínsko and Bohemian Paradise) are within minutes. Families with children and professionals alike will enjoy all that Bohemian Paradise has to offer. Find a peace of mind outside the big-city bustle, while expecting the kind of world-class facilities and services you are used to.

While the Czech Republic is known for its picturesque countryside, it doesn’t offer many opportunities like this one anymore.The land is abundant. It has ancient forests, wild animals and diverse vegetation, as well as magnificent views. One instantly feels embraced by nature but not overwhelmed by it. It’s a rare find and will attract people who appreciate rare finds


The Jabloneček team

Serge Borstain
Serge Borstain

Chybik + Kristof


In our studio we work on a wide range of projects of different scales and typologies, from urban complexes to small interiors. During the first decade of our existence our accomplishments included the construction of the Czech Pavilion at the EXPO2015world exhibition in Milan, Italy, the ‘MY DVA’ furniture gallery in Brno, CZ, as well as the new head office of the Lahofer Winery and their wine shop&café ‘Enotékavín’ in Znojmo which were all built according to our designs. We have recently completed the first stage of the reconstruction of the ‘Zvonařka’ bus station in Brno and the modular innovation centre of KOMA in Vizovice. We are currently working on a project for a multi-purpose arena in Jihlava, a high-rise building in Ostrava and a number of architectural competitions.


The design of the architectural resort Jabloneček is the result of a bold, ground-breaking cooperation that introduces the remarkable and unique vision of these four architectural and one landscape studios in one stunning location. The exceptional outcome of this symbiosis is a resort which offers diverse and comfortable accommodation in a luxury hotel or designer chalet with an emphasis on privacy and a personalised experience of recreation in a beautiful green valley. Some of the outstanding features of this distinctive resort include the restaurant located in a lagoon and a forest spa. All buildings are sensitively set into the landscape, their architecture and the choice of materials are lovingly selected to show the utmost respect to the natural character and incomparable atmosphere of the location. This is further complemented by the newly crafted landscape elements that link seamlessly with the local character of this extraordinary place.



Mjölk is an architectural studio based in Liberec. Our team consists of talented architects and civil engineers. We are constantly growing in order to meet the new and more demanding challenges of the modern world. When captivated by an idea we will immerse ourselves in the designs for inspiring building projects of any scale. An important benchmark for us is the depth to which we can creatively delve when formulating the project’s design, and so transform the mundane, everyday reality into a novel and innovative solution.


The landscape of the vanished village of Jabloneček is burdened by the very problematic history of the displacement of the local inhabitants which is in stark contrast to the exceptional and abundant beauty found in this calm self-contained valley. Our intention was to use the body of the hotel to create a dominant architectural form. Hence the striking design of a large wooden bridge that connects both sides of the valley. To the north the hotel is cut into the terrain, to the south a stone ridge marks the spot where the church once stood. The distinctive pattern created by the bridge supports is repeated across the whole span of the valley creating a striking landmark that resembles a dam or a viaduct. The hotel-residential bridge has become the defining characteristic of the entire area.



In 2015, Tomáš Kozelský, Alexandra Georgescu and Viktor Odstrčilík founded the KOGAA architectural studio in Brno. The studio, which now also has a branch in Prague, has already gained both Czech and international recognition for its refreshingly distinctive approach to architecture. In2021, KOGAA won an Architectural Review’s DESIGN VANGUARD Award for international talent and was nominated for the Dezeen Awards in 2020. The main thrust of their work is to design buildings that add substance to any built-up environment. Sometimes it is by way of a function, a programme, or the typology of the user, other times it can be the mere presence of a historical element.


Given the rural nature of the location, we committed to bringing that element of historical value to the design of the chalets that has stood the test of time, which effortlessly creates a sense of security for the occupants. To update the traditional shingle material into a new form we used a system of roof templates made from recycled plastics. The improved flexibility of this eco-friendly material allowed us to create infinitely more complex organic roof shapes. Our main goal was to offer guests a fully immersive relationship with the natural surroundings.We achieved this by adding a platform that reaches out into the forest space and by lengthening the roof so it meets the ground and creates windows that accommodate the full height of the building. The forest chalets are designed as a grouping of distinct modules combining bedroom and living room units that grants them the ability to smoothly adapt to the organic environment in which the chalets are built, while also catering to the tastes of a vast spectrum of discerning clientele.



Forma Fatal is a one-of-a-kind Czech studio dealing with architecture, interior design, exhibition installations and product design. We approach all our projects comprehensively, from the creative concept to the implementation, with a keen eye and particular attention to detail. Our distinctly individual approach to each design, built on the foundation of mutual understanding with the client, our distinctive vision, enthusiasm and self-expression through mutual inspiration, has earned us several awards in the Czech and international forums.


We were deeply inspired by the picturesque landscape and the troubled history of a disappearing village. We approached the design with all the humility towards the surrounding nature that it truly deserves. The chalets reflect the typical shape and material principles of authentic village barns, offering the earthy ambience that only a building set into the hillside can. The sauna complex is inspired by karst formations. The unique set of domes houses a rich interior landscape beset with saunas and pools. The way the light dances on the curved surfaces as it pours through the apertures in the softly arching wall screates a mysterious atmosphere reminiscent of walking through a system of caves. After their explorations, visitors can cool down in the depths of a charming well under the blue sky.



Partero studio was officially founded in 2006 and is led by Jakub Finger, who, together with his team, continues to relish their journey along their chosen path towards the creation of beautiful and fun spaces. The studio is not concerned with growing in size, but rather in striving to push forward the level of quality. The Partero studio always takes control of its work and dedicates itself to this with a very personal and professional commitment. Currently, the studio is involved in a wide range of projects, from small atria to large landscapes spanning several hectares, whilst never losing sight of their focus on the private garden. We strive to emphasise the importance of every element of the process, from initial consultations, thorough documentation, selection of contractors, the architect’s supervision, handover and subsequent maintenance of the work.


Making use of the existing natural terrain. Our design seeks to keep the interference with the existing topography to a minimum. We use the excavated soil to model new features in the area and then compliment these with a hand-picked selection of the original plants and young trees to rejuvenate the landscape. The design was inspired by the stunning landscape, the local history and wellness concepts and offers an unexpected range of spatial possibilities that will work in unison with the architecture of the future.


So Concrete


So Concrete develops and produces previously unfeasible load-bearing as well as decorative construction elements and architectural objects while significantly reducing the amount of material needed for their production. The team behind So Concrete includes architects, developers, material experts and technologists. Thanks to their expertise, So Concrete introduces completely new possibilities to the construction industry. So Concrete technology allows for greater freedom in planning, less physically demanding labour and reduction of consumed materials by 40 to 60%.


The founders of So Concrete are Serge Borenstein and Federico Díaz. Díaz has always worked on the intersection of art and architecture. He has been using the technology of robotic fabrication in his work since2010and is one the world’s pioneers in this field. He has lectured on digital fabrication at ETH Zurich, a university where the academic staff members count among the leading experts in robotics. Since 2016, Díaz has been exploring the possibilities of robotic fabrication making use of concrete and UHPC.




Destinee is a young and dynamic team of experienced strategists and marketing professionals. They connect brands with consumers by giving the brand a unique sense of purpose byway of a strategic approach. They then deliver this to the customers in their own inimitable way, letting them discover, understand, and ultimately fall in love with the brand’s individual aesthetic. The Destinee team helps brands build a deep connection with consumers by highlighting the purpose of their very existence. As the founders themselves say:“ Destinee will put you on the map.”


Joining the Jabloneček project gave us the opportunity to work with the brand strategically and conceptually from the very beginning. Thanks to how imbued with meaning this beautiful and exceptional project is, a strong, unique brand was already in place even before the project’s actual implementation. Jabloneček sets the bar very high, both from an architectural and strategic marketing perspective, and will inevitably attract the attention of clients with very demanding requirements and yet unspoken expectations, even beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. Jabloneček is a unique project that is unrivalled in Europe and stands shoulder to shoulder with other world-renowned projects which are regularly reported by the global media. Jabloneček is a fusion of natural and architectural sensitivity, luxury relaxation and ultimate tranquillity, peace, and fresh ideas. We are incredibly excited about the realisation of this unique project, and we hope that you are equally as keen to visit as we are!



Photographic studio BoysPlayNice was founded in 2008 by Jakub Skokan /*1985/ and Martin Tuma /*1981/. BoysPlayNice
Photography studio focuses on architectural photography and photography of the design. BoysPlayNice also specializes in producing creative concepts for photographic campaigns. The philosophy of the studio is to create a picture standing on an idea and makes optimal use of the possibilities
of the photographic medium.


Photographers Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma present contemporary architecture in a specific way. Their experiences with architectural photography has lead them towards pure, clear, yet impressive forms of conveying the unique character of architectural works. At the same time, they keep re-examining the very relationship between architecture and photography. These two fundamentally different art forms share a common cultural starting point. Both react to natural and urban environments, grandeur of form, industrial utility or the pleasing nature and simplicity of pop. Both examine values and experiment.



LINKA is an agency providing media communication services for architecture-related projects, representing architects, designers, investors and contractors in the media. With a personal approach to each client and project, we develop an individualized media communication strategy with regard to the unique characteristics of the projects and the client’s needs and preferences. We communicate architecture comprehensively–presenting an idea and know-how of specialized professions, art, craft and place.


In order to provide the media with easily-accessible quality and informative content, LINKA has developed a unique service in this part of Europe–Project Database. Well-structured press kits are directed at a wide range of worldwide high-profile media: architecture, design and construction, lifestyle, travel, business and general media. Curated by LINKA’s multidisciplinary team, we focus on inspirational realizations and introduce the professional and general public to the intentions, advantages, architectural, social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits of the projects. LINKA’s activities have placed outstanding Czech projects among the best of world’s architecture.


Serge Borenstein

Belgian developer who has lived in Prague since 1992. In 1997 co-founder of developer group Karlin Group, currently its majority shareholder. His most well-known projects include the conversion of the CORSO Karlín or Kotelna factory buildings into modern office buildings, the reconstruction and completion of the Cornlofts Šaldova residential project or the new construction of the River Diamond residential building and the Keystone office building. In 2020, Karlín Group completed the construction of the first modern student dormitories in Holešovice and completed the construction of the first phase of the new Zahálka residential district in Modřany. His projects have been repeatedly awarded the Construction of the Year, Best of Reality, and Serge Borenstein would be inducted into the Best Of Reality Hall of Fame in 2019.